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Galpoththayaya Primary School Library project

For a good cause

Galpoththayaya Primary school is situated in a rural village in the southern province. There are about 60 students studying there.

Majority of parents are single parents and they earn a living by doing either farming or odd jobs.

Students of this school love reading and their dream is to have a library at their school.

A group of Sri Lankan expatriates living in ten countries, mainly from Dubai have initiated a project to build a library and to make their dream a reality.

The construction of the two story building has already been commenced and to complete the project we require more support from like minded well-wishers.

You could purchase below mentioned hardware from Manamperi Hardware stores situated in Middeniya town and donate to the school library project.

The Library

The mission

“ Reading is more than a passion, it is the ultimate pursuit for knowledge. Join with us on our quest to fulfill the library dreams of the learners at Galpoththayaya Primary School “.

If little drops of water can make a mighty ocean, your compassionate contribution can make a Galpoththayaya Primary School Library a reality.

Donate Online

You can donate below products for the cause above via credit card payment.

Please contact project coordinator George Hertiaratchy if you require any clarification or further information regarding the ongoing project.

WhatsApp No: 00971 (50) 5590911
Mobile (Sri Lanka): +94 (77) 291 4796